Safety Card


Please take time to read and observe the following safety instructions:

• Fasten your seatbelt while you are onboard and the vehicle is in motion.
• Please stay clear of approaching vehicle when you are getting off/on to vehicles during our stop.
• Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle while on motion.
• Please be aware of the vegetation or wildlife as some of them might be harmful or poisonous.
• Incase the vehicle get stuck and the guide asked you to leave the vehicle, please stay clear of the vehicle and let the guide to instructs all to board the vehicle again.
• Please be cautions while opening the vehicle door, especially when the vehicle is parked at slop and in windy condition.
• In unexpected situations of the vehicle becoming unstable, remain seated and keep your seatbelt secured unless being instructed otherwise by your safari guide.
• Safari route is predefined and cannot be changed during normal situations.
• While at our campsite, you should remain on restricted area and do not leave the campsite anytime.
• Please inform your safari guide incase you feel unwell during the tours & safaris.
• When riding camels at our campsite, hold on to the saddle bars throughout and follow the guides instruction. Please do not scream while you are on the camel. Do not consume food or drinks during the ride.
• It is recommended that you abstain from walking barefoot, whilst outside the car.


• The UAE federal law prohibits the consumption of alcohol in the vehicles.
• Smoking is prohibited onboard of all our vehicles.
• Beware of the sun’s strength: drink enough water and wear protection (sun cream/ hat /sun glasses). Water is available in this car/convoy.
• Protect the environment. Use the garbage bag in the vehicle for disposal of waste.
• Enjoy the great photo opportunities during our tours & safaris. Avoid military and police insulations. Do not photograph local ladies.
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• Our Safari tours include off road driving in the desert and mountains and therefore we are unable to accept expectant mothers. However, due to the adventurous nature of the Journeys and the rough terrain covered, we do not recommend these Safaris to those visitors having heart ailment, back problems or any other pre-existing medical conditions.
• Seating on all tours and safari cannot be pre-allocated. Seating for passengers within one four-wheel drive vehicle will be rotated during our safaris.
• Smoking is prohibited onboard of all our vehicles.
• Tours can be change by the operator and has the right to omit or alter any part of the tour or program without prior notice.
• During our Tours & Safaris it is prohibited to photograph military and police installations. While photographing local residents, it is advisable to ask for the permission. Do not photograph local ladies.
• Some of the schedules of our tours and safaris will change during the Holy Month of Ramadan. For more details contact Sunflower Tours representative.
• Cancellation made less than 48 hours prior the Tours / Safari will not be refunded.
• Clients must follow and respect all the instructions during the existing tours, safaris or other activity. If the tour leader/guide noticed, that any Client’s behavior or physical condition is affecting the safety and privacy of the group, or continuing of the tour might be risky for the general wellbeing of the client, clients may be asked to leave the tour, safari or other activity without any refund.
• All Tours, Safaris & Special interest activities listed above may also be booked on private basis. Please contact Sunflower Tours for more details.

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